Friday, January 27, 2012

krazy k

Here are some activities we did to practice the letter "K" (and some other skills!)...

K is for Kick
One of the teachers in our program did this activity with her kids last year, of course I borrowed it!  I passed out a balloon with a "K" written on it to each child.  They kicked them around for a little bit, then I pulled everyone into a line and we watched who could kick their balloon the farthest! And, of course, we kept saying "K is for kick!"

Kite Sort
For this activity I put several "kites" on the table.  The kites are laminated pieces of colored paper.   I added a bunch of different objects on a tray (objects varied in size, texture, color, etc.).  I also hole punched the kites and added ribbon for the kiddos to pull through and practice tying. 

This activity is a little random, but I had many kiddos visiting this center to sort, count, find the letter K, and explore all the different objects.  To focus this activity in a little more on the letter sound, I'd like to find some objects that start with "K" and maybe add "K" cut-outs of different colors that match the kites.

Krazy Kite Kollage "K"
For our large letter art activity I used things I had on hand for the students to create kite collages.  We glued diamond shapes on the "K" (for the kites) and then decorated with pieces of tissue paper and ribbon.  

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