Tuesday, January 17, 2012

the pigeon...

I recently introduced my class to the pigeon - if you haven't read these books, I recommended them for some classroom hilarity - thank you Mo Willems!  This book was perfect to highlight our transportation unit and our focus on buses.

I made some photocopies of the pigeon (so I didn't have to cut up my book - hehe) and put pictures of the the pigeon around our room.  He ended up on the front of our bus, but the students were warned... don't let the pigeon drive the bus!

The pigeon is a fairly simple combination of shapes so I thought I'd lead a directional drawing activity.   This was a pretty good experience for 4 year-old's who are handy with a pencil, although some of my 3's gave it a go and they were pleased with their drawings too.

Here are some of our drawings:
So cute!
I was also pleased to find an animated DVD of the book at our local library!  I used it as a special activity at the end of our week.  The kiddos were riveted and joined in the story and kept asking if we could watch it again, and again, and again...

I think the pigeon might stay around our classroom for awhile, popping into activities every now and then.  Oh, I almost forgot, the pigeon even has his own website!  Check it out:

Happy Reading : )

Miss Eileen

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