Wednesday, May 23, 2012

queen for a day

If I were queen for a day I would want to accomplish my entire to do list in one day with no problems, set backs or hang ups (or wait, I could have someone else do it!).  If I were queen I would have time for everything I wanted to do, including blogging!  BUT, reality would be that I'm NOT queen for a day and all my days this spring have been running away from me madly, with problems, set backs, and hang ups at every turn.  

Did I mention that along with teaching and directing full time I'm working on attaining my Child Development Associates Degree (CDA)?  I'll have to blog a little about the process this summer (when I'm finished)... but for now I'm hoping to catch up on all the fun times we've been having in preschool this spring.

At least we can spend time imagining in the preschool classroom and when we learned letter "Q" that's exactly what we did!  

Queen For A Day

Oh my, add a few princess dresses to the dress-up box and look what happens... my girls were in heaven!   I realize playing "Queen" is a little gender specific, but we encouraged our boys to be Kings, Knights, and Princes to save the day - and they did!

Quilted "Q" 

We glued fabric squares onto a construction paper "Q".

Class Quilt 

(inspired here by Teach Preschool)

 To make our "quilt" I took a piece of butcher paper and taped a grid with masking tape.  To decorate I placed it on the floor with a collection of markers and crayons for the kiddos to color together. 

Q-Tip Paint and Print

I have a collection of lids/trays that I use all the time for paint projects.  They are great for holding paint when finger painting and make a wonderful surface for experimental painting.  On this day we used q-tips with a mix of green and blue paint.  The kiddos were able to make all sorts of designs on the trays with the q-tips.  When their designs were complete, we pressed a piece of paper on top of the paint to make a print of their design.