Wednesday, February 8, 2012

wings and water

Here is the promised continuation of our transportation unit.  These are some of the activities that aided us in our exploration of flight and floating.

{Art} Aerial View Collage
Finding interesting preschool art projects that go with airplanes is a was tough.  After a little brainstorming, I came up with this collage idea. We've been working on using scissors and glue so this activity helped us practice those skills as well as give us a view from the air!
First, I created my own cutting pages by using Publisher and Google Images.  On one page I inserted a picture of an airplane (from clip art)and added a thick black border around it.  On the second page, I pasted eight aerial view photos that I copied from Google Images.  I also bordered those with thick black lines to create cutting lines.  I placed the pictures on a table with scissors, glue, and construction paper.  My youngest students just had fun using the scissors to cut the pictures.  My oldest students took the time to create a collage by cutting out all the pictures and gluing them to the construction paper.

{Dramatic Play} Airplane!
My plywood "house" transformed into an airplane for the week.  SUPER simple dramatic play with old keyboards to "fly" the plane and chairs for the passengers.  The students were also able to use dress-up from our housekeeping area to add to their imaginative play.

{Dramatic Play} Boats!
Another super simple dramatic play option... 2 cardboard boxes, a bit of duct tape and viola, boats!  We were rowing all week - the boxes barely made it to Friday!

{Sensory} Boats Float
What better time to add water to the sensory table?  We have the coolest set of toy boats, they have removable sails that match their boat by shape and color.  

This is just a sample of some of our activities.  We also sang songs, read books, and had group discussions about transportation. 

What are your favorite transportation activities?

Miss Eileen

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