Tuesday, January 24, 2012

it snowed!

...well, last week it snowed... not quite enough for a school closure snow day so we sloshed our way to school, I changed up my lesson plans to "seize the day",  and we had a little fun with the white stuff.

I would have loved to take the kids outside, but this snow was so wet (I believe slush is the better term, but I'm taking whatever "snow" we can get!) that we would have had a bunch of waterlogged kids on our hands.  So, instead of going out, we brought the snow into us and painted it!

  • We filled two large containers about 1/3 full of snow
  • I got out paint cups and eye droppers
  • For the "paint" I used a little bit of washable tempera paint and a lot of water, basically enough paint to get some color.
  • We squeezed the paint onto the snow for a good 1/2 hour, making some beautiful rainbow snow!

I loved how the dense snow held the colors - I've done this activity with ice before and it ends up being one big brown watery mess.  

Glad we "seized the day" and used the snow while we had it!

Miss Eileen

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