Monday, February 20, 2012

heart art

Here are some heart art projects we did in our class to celebrate the Valentine season and our current "Friendship" theme.

Contact & Tissue Paper Heart:
~cut multiple colors of tissue paper into small pieces
~stick onto contact paper
~stick another piece of contact paper to "sandwich" in the tissue
~cut into the shape of a heart!

Heart Necklace:
This project is great fine motor fun!
~cut pieces of yarn into lengths long enough for a necklace that can be easily pulled over a child's head after it's tied
~finish off ends of yarn for easy threading (my co-teacher dipped the yarn in wax - it worked fabulously!)
~cut out small construction paper hearts
~cut straws into 1" segments
~kiddos use hole punchers to put holes in the hearts, then string the hearts and straws onto the yarn to create a necklace!
Heart Watercolor Painting:
~Paper (I used photo copied sheets of hearts)
~watercolor paints
This is a simple project that turns out so pretty.  I finally ordered a new set of watercolor paints, so I've been teaching the kiddos how to use them correctly so they last us longer.  ("Water, paint, paper, water, paint, paper...")

Sponge Painting:
I didn't get any photos of this process, but here's the finished product!
~sponges cut into the shapes of hearts, x's, & o's (for hugs and kisses)
~flat trays for paint
~fun colors of paint : )
I did have to remind my students that when we do prints you have to pick the sponge up without rubbing it across the paper - most of them did really well - (I usually balance a project like this with a free finger painting project another day, or if we have time, have them do one project with specific instructions, and another for exploration - I'm of the opinion that both processes are worthwhile to learn.)

What heart projects have you been doing this month?

Miss Eileen

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