Sunday, October 16, 2011

cows in the corn

For some reason cows make me smile - this week I added a few centers that I found (personally) a little humorous.  Don't know if the kiddos found them funny but at least they had fun playing and practicing the sound of letter "C".

Smile #1: The cows that lost their legs (inspired by everythingpreschool)...

To make this center  I found some cow pics to print (I love Google Images!) .  I colored them different colors, cut them out (minus their legs) and laminated them.  Then I took clothespins (2 per cow) and colored them to match.  
The goal of the center is to give the cows their legs back with the matching color - great for color, matching, and fine motor practice!  I had a little fun with this one - whenever I would walk by the center I would take the legs off the cows and announce "the cows lost their legs again!" bringing someone to the rescue : ).

Smile #2: Cows in the corn!  At circle time were learning about cows and we discovered that cows like to eat corn.  I suggested that maybe some of our cows might be happy in our sensory table with the corn so we added a few to play with in our autumn mix.

Smile #3: "C" Cow ( inspired by

This craft evolved throughout the week  (I'm always learning as I go)  I think the easiest process turned out to be:
  1. Cut out "C's" from construction paper, (also cut out cow head/tail clip-art if students are not used to scissors yet - my 4's did great cutting out their own - my 3's, not so much...).
  2. Have students glue on the head and tail (the clip art I found also had a tongue).  For projects like these I make a sample for students to see.  From the sample they can choose to copy or choose to make it their own way - both processes are valuable!
  3. Paint spots on the cow.  We used eye droppers and watered down paint - using the eye droppers was great fun - I'll have to set up a center so we can explore with them some more.

Other "C" centers:
Cow Farm (at the car table)
Cars, blocks & alphabet roads 

 Can't forget the pop-culture connection - Disney's "Cars" coloring pages

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