Thursday, October 13, 2011

bits and pieces

Every third week in my classroom we take time to review concepts learned from the previous two weeks .  During this week I pull out a mixture of activities from previous weeks to revisit.  Here are a few activities that I haven't posted yet.

1,2 3 Dice Toss:  I remade a foam die with paper and covered the corners with plastic tape.  On 3 faces I wrote the numbers 1-3 and on the other 3 faces I put 1-3 dots.  We played several games with the die, working on recognizing/counting to 3.   In this picture we are playing an apple picking game - roll the die to see how many apples you can pick off of the tree!

 We also played "1,2,3 Move" with our die as a group game.  One student would roll the die.  We'd see where it landed and then do a physical action (jumping, spinning, clapping hands, etc.) the amount of times that the die showed.  It was a great way to practice taking turns and to learn how dice games work.

Spicing up curriculum:  As I stated in an earlier blog, we use Abeka curriculum for the "bones" of our lesson plans.  The pages are pretty basic tracing/coloring.  I usually add something creative to help make the pages a little more fun and interactive.  For number 3 we painted 3 gingerbread men - but not just with any old paint - we added cinnamon to make it spicy!

We also started discussing the changes that are happening during the fall season.  I added corn, fabric leaves, fall confetti, shovels, and sifters into our sensory table.

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