Monday, July 30, 2012

now i know my a,b,c's

Alrighty, here follows the rest of our alphabet activities from this past school year.  Enjoy!

Letter V

Our animal friend for letter "V" is a vulture - not a super glamorous animal.  My favorite memory association with this animal is the scene from Disney's "The Jungle Book" where the vultures are hanging out trying to figure out "what we gonna do?".  I pulled up the video off of YouTube to show to my class - fun times : )

We also made Violet V's; mixing purple and white paint and finger painting violet construction paper.  We cut out the letters after they dried.

 Letter "W" 
...for worms (of course!)  To decorate our "W" I gave the kiddos lengths of brown yarn to cut into "worms" - they loved using the scissors to cut up the yarn.  After they had cut their "worms" they glued them to a brown letter "W".

Letter "X" 
Such a hard letter to work with, but fun to make!

 We made smaller "X's" out of toothpicks - it was great exploration working with glue and wood - some of my kiddos got REALLY into it.

Another center area we had for "X" was an "I Spy" table.  I put various foam and cardboard letters on the table and covered them with contact paper. I challenged the students to find as many "x's" as they could (counting and recognition!).  I also added blank paper and crayons so students could do rubbings of the letters.


Letter Y

I have lots of yarn scraps - lots of different colors and textures.  I placed them at a center area with scissors and containers and let the kiddos have at it.  They LOVED cutting the yarn up - great fine motor fun!
At the end of the week we used our cut up yarn scraps to decorate our big "Y".

Letter Z!!!

Of course we made Zebras - these are sooooo cute!  We pre-cut stripes, tails, ears, and a mane.  The kiddos used the supplies to create their own zebra "Z".

Zoo Mural
To end our animal alphabet we created a class mural of the zoo.  The kiddos  drew their favorite animals, trees, and other things found at the zoo.  We also glued on pictures of animals.  Great teamwork project!

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