Sunday, November 6, 2011

donkeys and dinosaurs

For letter D, our Abeka Animal Friend is "Dexter Donkey".  I wanted to find some more activities that centered around the donkey theme, but we had so many other activities happening this week that I didn't have time.   We did play a few rounds of "Pin the D on the Donkey", using the game to practice recognition skills.

There are so many fun things in our world that begin with the letter D!  I couldn't resist using a dinosaur for our "D" creation.
I cut out big "D's", gave the students paper shapes and a glue stick and let them create their own dino.

Other activities this week included:

Rectangle Match:  I made a math mat (using Publisher) with various sized red and orange rectangle outlines, then made rectangle cutouts to match the outlines.

Farm Magnets:  We are learning about the farm this month so the farm magnet board came out to play!

Creation Puzzles: (from here) One of my teachers put these together last year.  They were a great review tool while we were learning about how God made the world. 

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