Friday, September 23, 2011

The shape of things

As we continued to become acquainted with each other and our new routines at school we took the opportunity to focus on shapes.  We had various play centers (as always housekeeping, blocks, cars & library) plus a few centers dedicated to shapes.  I kept the paper in the sensory box (see my post about color) and posted a new shape to search for each day.  This was only a hit when I pulled the box into a circle time activity and had everyone find four rectangles - then we couldn't get enough!  

A shape sorting center helped connect our color and sorting skills.  I found printable shapes at, cut them out, and put them on the table with our color mats.  I will definitely reuse these shapes throughout the year for various activities.

Our main project for the week was to make a shape book.  I created a simple cover on publisher.

Each day we made a new page for our book.

Page 1: Square Rubbing, sandpaper squares and crayons (use tape to prevent the paper from slipping!). 
We had mixed results with this activity, my younger 3's didn't quite get the concept.

Page 2: Circle painting, tp rolls and paint

Page 3: Rectangle collage (we did the rectangle search in the sensory box prior to this activity and reviewed how to use glue sticks)

Page 4: Triangle paint, triangle cut sponges & paint
(I use lids from some of my storage containers for paint and a place mat on the table to catch paint - they work great!)

To bind the book I simply punched a hole in the top corner and tied with some cute ribbon - simple and quick.

At the end of the week I pulled out the tp tubes and the triangle sponges and had the students paint again exploring colors and shapes.

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